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I Sander van Zijl am the creative force behind Sienna Design. As an illustrator and concept artist I have been active since 2005 with multiple publications, for book covers, comics and other illustrations.

With more than ten years experience in ICT in the field of web design and front-end, I like to be your sparring partner when it comes to design and front-end related issues.

I am also active as an artist with traditional media such as oil paint. If you have any questions about Sienna or about me, please feel free to contact me at


For any type of illustration you can go to Sienna, narrative illustrations, character / mascot design, line drawings and photo edits. Drawings based on the example of a photograph and technical drawings are also possible. If your style is not included, more portfolio items are available on request. Please contact

Book covers

For book covers, narrative illustrations for the inside of a book, photo edits and painted covers, please contact Sienna Design.

The modern Concept Art style will give a book much more exposure than a stock photo can do.

Sienna among others works for:

  • VanDorp Uitgevers
  • Uitgeverij Village
  • Books Of Fantasy
  • Nimisa Publishing House.

Concept Art

Sienna Design creates concept art for books, films, games, atmospheric impressions, advertising and all your desired applications.

The style that is used is also suitable for book covers and inside work. Concept art varies from sketchy to very detailed, depending on the project.

You can also contact Sienna Design for Matte Paintings and photo edits.


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